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Time-lapse video of conference set-up

A time-lapse video showing The Media Group setting up The FA's inaugural Goalkeeper Conference at St. George’s Park last weekend.

Head over this way to view the project case study.

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How technology is changing events

Having worked in planning and managing events for over ten years, we’ve seen first-hand the way technology is impacting upon the industry. Here’s a few of the key drivers for change with a take home tip for each to help you improve your next event.

Social media

One of the biggest changes has been the impact of social media. It’s important to have an active social media presence on the networks where you can engage with confirmed and potential delegates, as well as your guest speakers. Delegates will use social media to inform their attendance decisions and will often sign-up based on peer recommendations.

Take home tip: When delegates buy tickets online – include an option for them to share this news with their social networks.

Use Twitter At Conferences

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Working with the NUH Hospitals Trust

We’ve been working with the Dermatology team at Queens Medical Centre to produce a short informational video to support patients with the Vitiligo skin disorder. 

The Nottingham-based team has devised a new method of treatment and asked us to provide a comprehensive guide for patients.

Nottingham University Hospitals Nhs Trust

TMG produced a film demonstrating the effective use of the new treatment whilst highlighting potential risks and side-effects. We developed a menu structure to allow patients to quickly find the relevant section. 

In addition to patient support, the film will be used to raise the profile of the treatment and to introduce the trial and share its findings with other hospitals across the UK.

Find out more about our video production.

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Our new business cards

We've taken delivery of our new business cards this week. Produced using a duplex print and foil technique, we think they’re pretty nice! Let us know if you want one.


The Media Group Business Card

The Media Group Business Card

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