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Insights from a presentation training masterclass

Blog from our Marketing Manager, Stephen.

We’re a fortunate bunch to have Keith as our MD.

If you’ve ever met Keith, one of the things he does well is to command a room. He’s comfortable speaking in front of a crowd or equally on a one-to-one basis.

I’m not sure what came first, but it’s one of the reasons why he forged his early career in front of the television camera.

OK, back to me. As you progress through your career, you are expected to stand and deliver in front of an audience. This could be your peers, clients, the MD or your team.

This comes naturally to some people. Everyone else needs to work at it. It’s not typically the type of thing that’s at the top of your training list. But it should be.

Image Of Man Presenting To An Audience

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How to represent your company on camera

Not used to being in front of a camera? Our producer Fraser Youngson gives his advice to put you at ease.

With the explosion of video marketing and the popularity of YouTube, you may well be asked to represent your company in a promotional video.

Being in front of the camera can be daunting, but we like to think we can make the experience slightly less scary. Here’s my advice to help you be ready to face the camera and bright lights of a video agency, and represent your business well.

Deer In The Headlights Image

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Six tips for creating content marketing that stands out

Posted by our Marketing Manager, Stephen Hillier. Follow Stephen on Twitter @S_Hillier 

I haven’t got the exact numbers, but we all know there are a huge amount of new Tweets, YouTube videos and Facebook messages every minute.

As more marketers jump on the content bandwagon, the amount of garbage you receive is growing exponentially. So, to cut through the clutter, make sure your content - be it videos, email newsletters, blogs or apps - is relevant and valuable.

Stand Out From The Crowd

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Inspiring the next generation of event managers

Our Production and Events Co-ordinator Dan Evans visited Sheffield Hallam University to give a presentation on the Event Management industry to students at their Future Fit Employability Event.

There was something quite comforting about approaching the University entrance and realising that little had changed since departing back in 2010. Although it is a bit upsetting that what seemed like yesterday is now four years ago, it was a privilege to be invited back as an industry professional.

It doesn’t matter how much preparation you do when presenting, nerves will always be prevalent. I like to think it means that you care about what you’re going to deliver, and for me helping people get the experience they need to break into the industry is certainly that.

Dan Evans The Media Group

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